‘Tuborg Meraki Live: Jonita Gandhi in Nepal’ today

Kathmandu, 14 September : Meraki Event & SK Ventures is hosting Tuborg Meraki Live: Jonita Gandhi in Nepal alongside Deepak Bajracharya & The Rhythm Band and Jyovan Bhuju on September 14, 2018, Friday at Hotel Annapurna Pavillion, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu.

Meraki Live is a musical series with a vision to bring in artists from all around the world on the same platform with Nepali artists. On the same note, on this edition, Meraki is hosting Jonita Gandhi, an indo-canadian Bollywood playback singer. Jonita Gandhi is a voice behind the Bollywood hits like Break up song (Ae Dil hai Muskil), Sau tarah ke (Dhisoom), Gillehriya (Dangal), etc. and has been currently occupied with tour with AR Rehman.

In the same event, Deepak Bajracharya & The Rhythm Band will be performing with their set crew which reflects the culture and traditions via music. The act will comprise of lakhey, pulu kisi, dhami, jhakri, dancers, and other cultural music. Deepak Bajracharya recently has given a hit number Man Magan in multilingual format. He has launched the Newari version along with Nepali that reflects our culture & tradition. ‘Let the world dance into Nepali Music’, says Deepak.

Also, Jyovan Bhuju is set to add on the fillers with his melodious voice. He will be performing his cover songs along with his originals like ma khasdai chu, timi jaba jaba hasdachau, etc.

Meraki Event has always been concerned about its society and as a part of one CSR, Meraki has associated with Jyoti Ashram, Thankot and will be donating some amount from this event to the organization.

The event ticket has been categorized as Platinum – NRs. 3,000 & Gold: NRs. 2,000. Also, Meraki Event will be providing 2 guitars from Guitar Shop Nepal to 2 lucky winners, which will be signed by Jonita Gandhi and Deepak Bajracharya.


2 years ago

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