New study links vitamin D deficiency to breast cancer

Agency, 16 October : Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.

Serena Williams launched the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2018 in collaboration with “I Touch Myself”. In a short video, the tennis star used her voice to influence. While things are still better than in the past, we have to ask ourselves the question “Is it enough?”.

Recently published in a study in menopause, the Journal of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), has revealed that obesity and vitamin D deficiency may indicate an increased risk of breast cancer. The study of more than 600 Brazilian women suggests that vitamin D may reduce cancer risk by inhibiting cell proliferation.

Reproductive risk factors such as early onset of puberty, late menopause, late age at first pregnancy, never been pregnant, obesity and a family history have all been associated with the development of breast cancer. However, the role of vitamin D concentration in the development of breast cancer continues to be discussed.

Breast cancer is a disease of malfunctioning genes, that is, the cells in our body tend to become cancerous due to a defect in the genes. There are symptoms such as persistent itching, swelling and murmur discharge. It is often recommended to see a doctor if these problems persist after a few weeks. Exercise or staying fit is a great way to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Running and cycling reduce the risk in young women. Even less intense exercises like walking have proven beneficial.


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