Resisting the state, citizens unite for Nirmala’s justice

Kathmandu, 2 December : Despite receiving a strict warning from the government, hundreds of citizens, mostly youth rallied for justice for Nirmala at various parts of the capital yesterday.

Hundreds of protesters gathered early Saturday morning at Maitighar Mandala holding posters demanding justice for the 13 year old girl and walked to New Baneshwor as security forces closely watched them.

A group of people gathered at Bhrikuti Mandap to raise awareness of the issue. Several bikes and cars had posters of Nirmala stuck to their vehicles, and Nirmala’s face was almost unmissable in the valley yesterday.

All these, despite fierce crackdown and strict warning from the authorities – on Friday 12 people were held in police custody while many received warnings from ‘higher authorities’.

Nirmala Panta, a 13 year old rape and murder victim has stirred the nation – it has got its citizens asking questions about safety and security, police inefficiency, delivery of justice, and the impunity enjoyed by the powerful few – and that too in a Federal Democratic Republic nation.

The case has already caused several injuries and the death of a 17 year old boy in Kanchanpur district. The young boy’s death was caused after security forces fired plastic bullets at a group of protesters – a probe into the exact cause of death and nature of the protests is yet to be initiated.


5 months ago

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