Afghanistan gold mine collapse kills 30

Agency, 7 January : At least 30 people were killed when a gold mine collapsed in northeastern Afghanistan in the latest tragedy to strike the war-torn country.

Another seven were injured in the incident on Sunday in Kohistan district of Badakhshan province, district governor Mohammad Rustam Raghi told the AFP news agency.

Villagers dug a 60-metre (200-feet) deep shaft in a riverbed to search for gold. They were inside when the walls caved in. It was not clear why the shaft collapsed, but the provincial governor’s spokesman Nik Mohammad Nazari said the miners were not professionals.

“The villagers have been involved in this business for decades with no government control over them,” Nazari said. “We have sent a rescue team to the area, but villagers have already started removing bodies from the site.”

Badakhshan is a remote, mountainous province in northeast Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan, China and Pakistan. The impoverished region is prone to landslides, particularly in the colder months when heavy snow blankets the province.

Illegal mining is common in resource-rich Afghanistan, with the Taliban relying on the sector for much of its revenue. But most of the country’s minerals remain untapped as the raging conflict and lack of regulation deter international miners from exploiting the huge reserves.


6 months ago

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