Karnali Province to establish libraries in all 10 prison houses

Jumla, 10 January : The Karnali Province Government is working to set up libraries in all 10 district prison houses in the province.

As a part of the library establishment, the province government on Wednesday launched a book collection campaign aiming to set up a library in Jumla prison house, according to the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sitaram Rijal.

Currently, police administration, social organizations, rights activists, journalists and youth have joined hands together at the call of the province government to materialize the campaign.

Stating that Jumla marks the beginning of this initiative in the province, DSP Rijal said that this attempt would help encourage the jail birds to live a good life by discouraging them towards crimes. He added that the jail birds would be served books on arts, literature, success life stories, mass media, human rights, laws and others for their knowledge.

Likewise, Assistant Chief District Officer Devendra Prasad Shrestha said that the move was advanced to make them familiar about the outer world beyond the jail.


6 months ago

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