Nepal’s government bans popular online game PUBG

Kathmandu, 12 April : The Nepal government has banned PUBG, an online video game in Nepal. Stating that the game had a negative impact on the society, the government has put a ban on the Player Unknown’s Battle Ground or PUBG game in the country.

Information Officer at Nepal Telecom Authority Sandip Adhikari said that a circular has been sent today to all the internet service providers to stop streaming the game to their respective users.

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police had received various complaints for a ban on the game, and the ban was put into effect following permission for the same from Kathmandu District Court. Correspondence has been made to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority by the CIB as per the Court’s order.

According to a notice issued by the CIB, all the internet service provider companies have been notified about the ban put on this game.

Urging one and all not to play this addictive online game, the CIB has also warned of taking actions if any internet service providers were not cooperating with the Court’s decision.


3 months ago

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