Traffic Police recommends helmet for pillion riders

Kathmandu, 20 May : With growing incidents of fatality of pillion, Valley Traffic Police Office is preparing to resume mandatory helmet for driver and pillion. Valley Traffic Police has already recommended this proposal to the government.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, valley traffic police stressed the need to use high quality helmet for both driver and pillion. Traffic Police recommended this mandatory provision following a date revealed that growing casualty of pillion in motorcycle accident. Due to use of low quality helmets, more motorcycle drivers are dying even wearing helmet.

Traffic police also imported ten machines to check digital license. According to Traffic Police, they recommended actions against 384206 drivers in the last ten months for violating the rules in Kathmandu. Out of them, 26409 were fined for use of alcohol in driving including 109 female in the last ten months.


4 months ago

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