President Bhandari highlights need of research-based University education

Kathmandu, 9 June : Inaugurating a two-day international conference on ‘Internationalization of University Education’ organised by the Tribhuvan University ( TU) amidst a programme here today, the President stressed the university education mechanism should be transformed into a centre for innovation, research and knowledge by assimilating the goals of sustainable development.

The President sought the TU’s meaningful role to realise the nation’s vision for ‘ Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. “Universities are always expected to move ahead on the basis of knowledge and research.

Internationalization of University education is the need of the hour and the Tribhuvan University should be proactive towards that end,” the President suggested.

Nepal, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, an apostle of peace and tolerance, has a long tradition of new research and thinking and the present educated and conscious community should further contribute for additional innovation, the Head-of-the-State asserted.

In the context when the science and technology has already transformed the globe into a single village through the means of globalization, higher education should serve as a guideline for the society in building of a welfare-based and just human society.

The trans-border movement of students in search for quality education would be relevant to exchange mutual knowledge and experiences along with the exchange of cultural values and norms, according to the President.


3 months ago

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