Gaighat at risk due to breaking levee on Baruwa river

Gaighat, 12 July : Gaighat town is under threat after an embankment along the Baruwa river at Triyuga municipality-11 started breaking with the rising water level and water current in the river following incessant rain.

It has been raining continuously for three days in Udayapur district and the overflowing Baruwa river has started washing away a portion of the embankment.

Shivalayatol, Sakelatol and Gaighat market area are at high risk due to this.

The embankment has become old and worn out as it was constructed many years back, and the local government has not constructed a new stronger embankment here, increasing the risk of the river washing away the entire structure.

It is said more than 2,000 houses in these areas are at risk of inundation.

Now, efforts are being made at the initiatives of the municipality ward number 11 and the locals to divert the river water away from the embankment by using excavators.


6 months ago

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