Dang will be made the centre of State-5: NCP Chair Prachanda

Ghorahi, 6 November : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said Dang would be the centre of State-5. Chairman of the major ruling party said this in a press meet organised by Press Organization in Ghorahi today.

He said Dang was suitable place to be made the State centre based on evaluation of the geographical, economic and the latest development trend. He argued that the political, educational, health and the development infrastructure status of Dang have prepared the basis for it to be not only State-5 but also the country’s centre.

The NCP chair interpreted the new appointment of Chief of the State by the government few days back as normal. “The government allowed them (the former State Chiefs) to work for two years being flexible. Otherwise, they could have been relieved of their posts much earlier.

They were allowed to work for some time out of a sense of cooperation with all,” he explained. He said he has come to Dang to urge the party leaders and cadres to work towards making the by-elections successful.

“The government is focused on the by-election. We should all work together for its success,” Dahal said. Party chairman Dahal arrived here to participate in the party cadres training programme to be organized by the NCP Dang in Tulasipur today.

Former Speaker and party leader Onsari Gharti and Chief Minister of State-5 government Shanker Pokharel have also arrived here to participate in the programme, NCP Dang district in-charge Jeevan Gautam said.


2 years ago

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