State-2 government to bring bill to have its own intelligence bureau

Birgunj, 12 November : –The State-2 government is to introduce a bill designed to have its own separate intelligence bureau. The State-2 government’s minister of state for internal affairs and law, Saroj Singh Kushwaha said that the bill is being brought in exercise of the rights provided by the constitution.

The State-2 government has had a bill on the formation of the State Police passed by the State Assembly before this. Minister of State Kushwaha said that the State government has forwarded the process for the formulation of the bill designed to constitute the State Intelligence Bureau. “The related bill has been passed by the State Assembly’s Business Advisory Committee and has been forwarded to the ministry of law.

It will now be registered in the State Assembly,” he said. According to him, the functions of the State Intelligence Bureau would be similar to that of the National Intelligence Department at the federal level. The NID’s working area is the entire country whereas the SIB’s working area is within the state.

He added that there is no controversy regarding this bill since it has been brought as per the constitution. Minister of state Kushwaha also shared that the State Assembly has so far passed 21 various bills which have got the status of law and still dozens of more bills were ready to be registered.


2 years ago

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