Cold affects normal life in Mahottari

Mahottari, 18 December : Increasing cold has affected normal life in the central-eastern Tarai including in Mahottari district. Cold wind that started sweeping the region since Tuesday afternoon has added to the cold conditions.

Plummeting temperature accompanied by frost has made the life here extremely difficult. The rainfall that occurred since Friday night until Saturday morning had also increased cold and it has been further intensified with the cold wind and the frost that has been felt since Friday afternoon.

Areas close to the East-West highway in Mahottari have been seeing cold breeze along with frost while dense fog has covered in the central and southern areas.

The number of people in the market has also decreased due to the cold. Agricultural activities have also been affected along with trade and business.

People from the poor and underprivileged communities are feeling the brunt of the increasing cold.


2 years ago

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