State-1 steering committee decides on foolproof supply system

Biratnagar, 30 March :  A meeting of the State-1 Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment Steering Committee has decided to make the supply of daily consumer goods and services smooth and foolproof. The meeting was held on Sunday evening and chaired by Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai.

The meeting has also formed a 13-member district level supply system monitoring, facilitation and control committee in all the districts of the State for the smooth supply of daily consumables from one district to another and within the districts in the context of the lockdown in effect in the country in view of the COVID-19 pandemic threat.

The Assistant District Officer of each district is the coordinator of this committee. It has decided that the related committees shall monitor the production, stock and supply of goods in the district, and inform the Steering Committee about the situation.

The meeting, likewise, decided to request the Municipalities’ Federation and the Rural Municipalities’ Federation to collect the data regarding the economically poor and needy families in all the districts of the State and make the same available to the Steering Committee.

It has also decided to request the big supermarkets to make arrangements for the sale and distribution of daily essentials by mobile vans at this time of lockdown.

The meeting decided that the Steering Committee will prepare and implement an action plan and procedures for the smooth supply of essentials like foodstuff and fuel from one district to another within the State. It decided to make arrangement for a toll-free number 16602152008 for the smooth supply in the State.


2 years ago

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